Can be known as Roasted Rice Tea or Popcorn Tea.

This green tea was originally drunk by poor Japanese peasants, as the rice was added as a filler and reduced the price of the tea; today it is drunk by all segments of society and is considered a delicacy of a tea.

Origin - Japan
Appearance - Genmaicha is an exotic Japanese tea that combines roasted brown rice, popcorn and tender, delicate green tea leaves.
Taste - The taste is pleasant with a hint of roasted rice and a mild aftertaste. Genmaicha has a natural sweetness and almost chewy character and a light scent of freshness and toasty aroma.
Brew time and temp - Steep for 3 minutes at 85C.

50 grams will make a approx 25 - 30 cups

100 grams will make approx 50 - 60 Cups

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