Our Tea Thoughts

Tea is a true treasure.  The various types and styles represent many thousands of years of history and experiences. A history which is intertwined and influential in the making of world cultures and commerce. From the ancient records of caked tea being carried on horseback to the modern enjoyment of this wondrous leaf, tea is so much a part of who we have become.

Tea is one of the most enjoyed beverages worldwide. Tea is a truly special, uniting thing, especially when you imagine how so many tea-drinking cultures developed all on their own.

Into each cup goes the combination of history and skill. The skill of the hands that pluck the leaf at just the right time. The canny experienced eye of the masters, knowing when to take the various processes to the next step. The years of experience that goes into each tea selection and blending. Then comes the experienced understanding of the seasons and terroir of each plant and leaf.

All this is entrusted to the dedication of each individual involved in taking the leaf from the plant to the pouring of the tea into the cup. Without this dedication and effort the experience and history is lost. We at Maitea strive to honor each step and this dedication.

With this in mind, as you enjoy your chosen tea, think to the history, the artistry and the passion that has gone into each cup. Each sip is special and magical.
'Be happy. Even if the only thing that makes you happy is your morning tea. Live for that morning tea intake. Make it marvelous. Get excited about it. Buy mugs, buy a tea maker, buy a massive stock of teas so you can have an endless variety. Maybe learn how to make it, open up a tea business. Let that small happiness, whatever it is, become your passion. It’s will keep you alive.
Do whatever it takes to keep yourself happy and alive.'