Tung Ting


Appearance: Produces a yellowish to orange liquor depending on strength. The tea itself tends to look like bulbs and curled tree roots
Taste: A delicious sweet taste accompanied by floral notes

Brew Time and Temperature: Steep for 3-4 minutes at 80-85ºC

Tung Ting has a beautiful golden-green liquor when steeped, along with a strong floral aroma that excels in sweetness, a taste that is mild and floral, and an aftertaste that is both persistent and enjoyable. It is grown at an altitude of 760m (2,500ft). A prized high mountain oolong from Taiwan, this tea is particularly well-liked among coffee enthusiasts. Its name can be translated literally as “Climb to mountain with cold feet”. Oxidisation of this tea can occur in one of either two ways: By machine, or by charcoal. Typically, it is only 30% oxidised.

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