Silver Needle


Silver Needle is amongst the most revered of Chinese teas, produced in the Fuding and Zhenghe districts of the Fujian province. There are only a few specific days in early spring season at which this tea can be gathered, and evident within its unique taste is the absolute dedication to perfection that has gone into creating it. It's liquor is a pale ivory and its fragrance, which lingers in the air, is a delicate honeysuckle floral with a warm, sugary sweetness.

Origin - Fuding and Zhenghe districts of Fujian province, China
Appearance -  Unopened tender, plump needle-shaped leaf buds covered in white downy hairs
Taste -  A unique, nutty flavour accompanied by a mild sweetness
Brew time and temp -  Steep for 4-6 minutes at 75° - 85ºC

50 grams will make approx. 25 - 30 cups

100 grams will make approx. 50 - 60 Cups


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