Organic Japanese Sencha


Sencha tea is a very popular green tea from Japan made from the top parts of the tea leaf and tea buds. The tea leaves and buds are processed whole. The leaves are steamed for less than a minute to stop oxidation, and then the whole leaves are rolled into long cylinders and dried. The last step is to fire the leaves to preserve them and ensure their flavour.  Its quality varies depending on the time and area of harvest, as well as leaf processing technique. The highest quality sencha is considered to be ichiban cha, literally first tea, the first flush picked during the early spring harvests. Sencha can be located in different locations, however this Sencha is from Japan.

Origin - Japan
Appearance - Dark green, flat, elongated leaves that looked to have been roughly chopped.
Taste - Sencha has a mildly sweet, herbal, astringent flavour. This is a luxury green tea.

Brew time and temp:  Steep for 2 - 2.5 Mins at 85°C

50 grams will make a approx 25 - 30 cups

100 grams will make approx 50 - 60 Cups


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