Maitea organic matcha - Shade grown 30 grams


Maitea Matcha Shade Grown - Hand Picked - Steamed - Granite Stone Ground 

Real matcha comes from Japan. At the moment, many sellers of matcha,
sell a low quality product at a lower price.  Unfortunately the taste and benefits of lower quality matcha is heavily diminished.  Resulting in many people not enjoying the experience.  We enjoy sharing our matcha and watching the smile develop when our guests enjoy true matcha for the first time.
The true matcha colour is more bright green, the taste is more complex and less bitter.

Japanese matcha is like wine, there are different quality levels.  Our matcha  is made from the finest Tencha leaves available in Japan. It is ground down to a fine green powder with Granite stone and left at that. This is pure Matcha.

Maitea Matcha is 100% Organic

Organic Certified by USDA & JAS and qualified to be sold as Organic 

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