Milk Oolong - Nai Xiang


Nai Xiang Oolong originates from Taiwan. It is a new kind of tea and was first developed in 1980. The name Nai Xiang means "Milk Fragrant", and as its name suggests, this tea is characterized by a distinct milk-like fragrance and taste. Nai Xiang Oolong is widely available and very popular in Taiwan due to its lovely unique taste.

Origin: Taiwan
Appearance: Evenly and tightly rolled tea leaves.
The infusion is yellowish green in color.
Taste: Lovely milk-like fragrance and taste.
Good for multiple infusions.
Brew Time and Temperature: Steep for 3 - 4 minutes at 85ºC

50 grams will make approx. 25 - 30 cups

100 grams will make approx. 50 - 60 Cups

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