Purple Tea


100% Pure, unblended purple tea from Kenya

Purple tea is a brand new type of tea just starting to get popular in the western market. Originally an Assam variety of India, purple tea is now made almost exclusively in Kenya. But it’s startling colour isn’t even the best thing about it: it seems that its potential health benefits are going to give green tea a serious run for its money.

Not only does it have significantly less caffeine than green and black tea, it might also be useful for cardiovascular health, blood sugar metabolism, and cholestoral levels, thanks to presence of the flavonoid anthocyanin, as well as antioxidants. Purple tea contains the same super-antioxidant property that blueberries have (anthocyanin). It is also a colour changing tea – squeeze a couple of drops of lemon into your cup and watch the  colour intensify!  Anthocyanin is what gives the tea leaf its distinct purple colour.

Purple tea has a sweet flavour with a strong hit, like a chai, and can be brewed at many different times and temperatures to produce a different effect

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