Korean Breakfast


Origin: South Korea
Type : Black ( Red)
Brew Time and Temperature: Steep for 1.5 mins without milk and 3 - 4 mins with milk. Infuse at 95ºC

The origin and flavor distinguish this breakfast blend from others. Most British and American breakfast blends combine Sri Lankan, Indian and Chinese teas, producing a strong, robust flavor meant to wake people up in the morning. Sourced solely from South Korea, this unique breakfast blend has a delicate yet complex flavor.
This Tea is a collaboration of 12 South Korean tea farmers. Together they have created this world first. The farmers are incredibly proud of what they have accomplished and we think they deserve to be. increasingly South Korea is being regarded as a center for exceptionally high standard tea. The front of the packaging features a pattern of 12 rings representing the dozen tea farmers who formulated the blend. - Extracted from World Tea News 2/10/17

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